In Golden Moments

I have a great pleasure in presenting to poets and general readers my second collection of poems In Golden Moments

The poems which had formed part of my first work, that is, “In Golden Times”, is now emerging out as “In Golden Moments”.

Dr. (Mrs.) Radhamani was kind enough to accept my request to pen a foreword, for which I am deeply grateful.

Some extracts from his work are as follows -

In Golden Moments

S.L. Peeran’s “In Golden Moments” comprising 103 poems indeed is a compendium of his profound observation of so much of wide themes such as Love, Death, Sleep, Penury, Loneliness, Isolation, Ennui, God, Godliness, etc. At a time when materialism is rampant, selfishness is taking luminous proportions, S.L. Peeran, analyses in a lucid manner simultaneously the crude stark realities perpetrated by the stigma of the society on the down-trodden and oppressed;

“Life is meaningless for the wretched!
They lack sense and strength to fight or revolt
Multitudes suffer with them, parched
None possesses a will to change or to bolt” (“Chill Penury and Poverty”)

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